Altimeter Group continues publishing Open Research this month with the latest from Principal Analyst Brian Solis – The Rise of Digital Influence: A “how-to” guide for businesses to spark desirable effects and outcomes through social media influence.

Digital Influence is one of the hottest trends in social media. I mean, most of us have a good idea of our Klout score, right? But, it goes far beyond such metrics as Klout, Kred, TwitterGrade and the like. The Rise of Digital Influence was written as a “how-to” guide for businesses in getting results through cultivating their online influence, as well as a guide for consumers and academics in understanding how influence is scored and how these scores affect online reputations.
Report highlights include:
  • Influence is largely misunderstood.
  • None of the vendor services evaluated in the report measure true influence. Today’s software algorithms track social capital and topical authority based on online activity.
  • The report helps companies understand how influence spreads, and includes case studies in which brands partnered with vendors to recruit connected consumers for digital influence campaigns.
  • The report evaluates 14 Influence vendors, organizing them by Reach, Resonance, and Relevance: the Three Pillars that make up the foundation for “digital influence” as defined in the report (see image below) – not every service is designed to provide a total solution for every business need.
  • The report includes an Influence Framework and an Influence Action Plan to help brands identify connected consumers and to define and measure strategic digital influence initiatives.

Figure 1. Framework: Pillars of Influence
You can read and download the report from SlideShare here.

And, check out other upcoming Altimeter Group Open Research on our website.

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