Jaimy Szymanski, Senior Researcher

Jaimy Szymanski is a digital experience analyst, focusing on how organizations adapt core digital strategies to serve the new “connected customer.” She has developed multiple research artifacts on the topics of digital transformation, consumer mobile, customer experience design, the collaborative economy, the internet of things (IoT), content strategy, and social business strategy. Jaimy has 10 years of experience advising companies of all sizes, in varied industries, that are affected by emerging technologies.

With a background in research and analysis, marketing, and social media consulting, Jaimy’s career is driven by the desire to further the evolution of companies affected by disruption. When working with clients, she drives meaningful business results by helping them adapt core digital and mobile strategies to new customer behaviors.

Jaimy has received degrees in Journalism (Advertising/Public Relations) and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. In her free time, she’s been found researching a new travel spot, checking out a new restaurant opening, sipping a speakeasy-era cocktail, and watching Game of Thrones.

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