**Update: Content: The New Marketing Equation is LIVE! http://slidesha.re/TheContentEquation

If you’d like to embed the report, ping me – I’ll shoot the code your way. And, if you’re on Twitter, use the link above and the hash #ContentMarketing to spread the word about the report! …

The day is finally here!

This morning at 10 a.m. PST, Altimeter Group will launch its latest research report – Content: The New Marketing Equation, by Rebecca Lieb. This report is Rebecca’s first with Altimeter Group, as well as for Zak Kirchner and myself as researchers who have supported her throughout the report process.

I am extremely excited for the report to go live. It contains a world of insights for companies who are interested in content marketing. From those just beginning with their strategy, to advanced media moguls, the report’s maturity model, self-audit tool and content channel insights will prove useful for all audiences.

Here’s a sneak peek at the maturity model stages before the report goes live (this post will be updated with the SlideShare link when ready) …

Altimeter Group Content Marketing Maturity Model

Five stages of content marketing maturity:

  1. Stand –  Curiosity and consideration – Not yet practicing content marketing
  2. Stretch –  Advocacy & experimentation – Begin to build strategy and support to publish content
  3. Walk – Strategy & Processes – Solid organizational and strategic foundation, teams formed, metrics introduced
  4. Jog – “Culture of content” – Sustainable, meaningful, scalable content initiatives, broad training organizationally, top-down and bottom-up
  5. Run – Inspired and inspirational (and largely aspirational) – The company actually monetizes its content, which has a separate P&L
Stay tuned via this post or Twitter (@jaimy_marie) for the link the the live report at 10 a.m PST. I’ll also update this post with the embed code, as well as Flickr graphics set.
I’m extremely grateful to have contributed to this report. It was really an Altimeter Group team effort. Congrats on your first report, Rebecca! #GONG

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