DevLearn 2020 Jaimy Szymanski

Jaimy Szymanski will be the closing keynote at DevLearn 2020 in Las Vegas, Oct. 21-23 at The Mirage.

Coinciding with this year’s theme, “Shaping What’s Next,” Jaimy will be presenting on the topic, “How Immersive Technologies Enhance Workforces to Transform the Enterprise.”

Though consumer applications may receive most of the fanfare, mixed reality technologies—like virtual, augmented, and extended reality (VR/AR/XR)—offer enterprises many opportunities to supercharge employee skill sets. Companies can increase collaboration and transform traditional approaches to education and training, repairs and maintenance, sales, product and site design, and more.

She’s joined at DevLearn with fellow keynote speakers Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Co-Star of TLC’s Little Couple, Neonatologist & Cancer Survivor, and Chris Hadfield, The Most Famous Astronaut Since Neil Armstrong.

Learn more about DevLearn 2020 and register to attend here.

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